A Simple Approach To Sophisticated Investing

A professional manager and a strategic investment approach can provide significant advantages in the constantly changing global financial markets. Our philosophy for portfolio design combines classic, time-tested principles, PLUS the advanced strategic modeling and management techniques of today. The end result, Buy Hold Plus, provides you with a simple approach to sophisticated investing7.

Professional Portfolio Management

Latest research incorporated into design of all model portfolios

Long Term Approach

Built around the classic, time-tested buy and hold concept

Wide Asset Class Exposure

Diversified into an extensive array of equity, fixed income, and alternative asset classes

Risk/Return Assessment

Portfolios are designed around your specific goals and objectives

Quantitative Foundation

Utilizes Dr. Harry Markowitz's Nobel Prize winning Modern Portfolio Theory

Manager of Managers

Proprietary fund selection process to identify high performing funds

Exposure to More Fund Families

Gain access to a variety of fund families and their unique management styles

Correlation Assessment

Adjust portfolio allocations to accommodate for changing asset class tendencies

Fund Replacement Reviews

Reviewed regularly to ensure only the highest quality funds are maintained

Conditional Rebalancing

Individual monitoring of each account to ensure portfolio remains allocated properly

Easy to Read Statements

And online accessibility to view account at anytime and manage mailing preferences

Low Initial Investment

25k account minimum with 50k household minimum

No Commissions

Just an annual fee. The more invested, the lower the fee